Winter Maintenance

Logan preparing PKT for painting

Logan has spent much of the Winter and Spring doing maintenance on various aircraft.  This year he purchased a single post hoist that has proved invaluable.  The hoist is on wheels to enable him to move aircraft around the hangar and to work at various heights. At the moment we have three aircraft in the hangar.  TNB has had some major work done on its wings.  They have been completely stripped down, refabricated and painted. 

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Flyin March 2015 Fernside Fields

David and Michael Leef (left) and Logan and Michael Pendergast (Australian Dealer)

An informal flyin involving Alpi Pioneer owners was held 14 March 2015 at Fernside Fields.  On display was the new Pioneer 300 Kite which was in hot demand for test flights.  12 Pioneers turned up from all over the country (from as far north as  Hamilton and Te Anau in the South.  Morning tea and lunch were provided, with lunch aptly cooked by Grant Porter, a dab hand at the barbeque.  Due to inclement weather and cyclone Pam, most North Islanders were unable to make the trip.  A very good turnout and a good time to catch up with new and old owners.

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Solo microlight flight across the Tasman

In 2005, Logan was the second New Zealander to fly a microlight solo across the Tasman in his Pioneer 300 (ZK SHL) and back.

Logan's reason for flying the Tasman was to launch Alpi Aviation into Australia and he didn't think it was too big a deal to fly his plane to Australia.  Logan was keen to make a greater impression by having not one but two pioneers for the Wagawaga flyin.

Logan regularly flew North Island - South Island and up to 4.5 hrs each stretch, which is all you needed in one of these aircraft.

Part of his planning for the trip included the installation of an additional 80 litre fuel tank which he custom made to sit in the passenger seat as no one else wanted to go with him.  He also carried a satellite phone, life raft, survival suit and two gps units and emergency locator beacon.  

The trip over took 10 hours approx. going via Norfolk Island and Lord Howe and 8 hours return, Lord Howe direct Kerikeri.  Logan spent two months assembling and demonstrating the Pioneer.


He set off from Kerikeri, landing at Norfolk Island for fuel and then on to Lord Howe and finally arriving at Port Macquarie. While in Australia he helped complete the building of Barry Pendletons Pioneer 300 kit. The second Pioneer to fly in Australia and also established an agency for the Pioneers in Australia.

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