Pioneer 300 Hawk (Retract)

The Pioneer 300 Hawk is a wonderful aircraft built for the more discerning pilot, featuring retractable undercarriage, with performances that will surprise you!

Details of Pioneer 300 Hawk

Available as kitsets that are built to two different stages depending on the builders experience.

Standard Equipment:

Rotax ULS2 100 Hp engine with airbox
P300 Coverred "S" wing
40 lt wing fuel tanks
Andair fuel selector
Fiber panel and consolle
Cabin fresh air intake
Key canopy lock
Aileron electric trim
Elevator electric trim
Electric flaps
Electronic flaps controller
Electric retractable gear
Gas nose landing gear
Gas main landing gear
Landing gear doors
UK cloche
UK pedals
Luxury upholstery
Plus cabin heating
3 points safety belt
Oil inspection door
Landing lights inserted in cowling
Strobe and nav lights
Radio prewiring
Auxiliary electric socket
White paint with sticker livery
Pioneer canopy cover
Flight and maintenance manual - check list

Standard Instruments:

Bank indicator
Fuel press indicator 
2 fuel level indicators

MINI EIS including:
2 x CHT
2 x EGT
Oil temp indicator
Oil press indicator 
Airbox temp indicator + O.A.T.
Fuel computer
 Engine power  100Hp (variable pitch propeller)
 Wing span  7.55 m ala S/S wing (* 8.10 m ala N/N wing)
 Wing area  10.5 mq (11mq)
 Length 6.25 m 
 Cabin width 1.05 m 
 Empty weight (without parachute) 285 kg 
 Max take off weight (ULM) 450 kg 
 Max weight (VLA) 560 kg 
 In flight load factor +3.8/-1.9 g @ 560 kg 
 Tank capacity 80 l 
 Installable auxiliary tank capacity 32 l 
 Overall payload limit (VLA) 275 kg 
 Baggage volume 226 l 
 Max baggage load 20 kg 
 Maximum level speed 280 km/h (270 km/h) 
 Cruise speed (@75% power) 250 km/h (240 km/h) 
 Stall speed 65 km/h 
 Best climb rate speed 120 km/h 
 Best climb angle speed 100 km/h 
 Best rate of clime 455 m/min (1500 ft/min) 
 Roll rate 90°/sec 
 Aerodynamic efficiency 13:1 
 Range (@75% power) 1000 km 
 Range with auxiliary tank (@75% power) 1400 km 
 Fuel consumption (@75% power) 18.5 l/h 
 Service Ceiling 6000 m 
 Take off distance 120 m 
 Landing distance 120 m