Pioneer 300 Griffon

The Pioneer 300 Griffon - The quest for perfection!

Sir. Walter Raleigh Alexander, English poet and author, claimed that the engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul. If this is true, the Pioneer 300 Griffon – Rotax 915 iS combination, can only be spot on and exceed the expectations of our privileged customer.

Two-seater aircraft designed for most demanding pilots, it’s a further development of our Pioneer 300 with improved aerodynamic and widen interiors.
The Griffon perfectly expresses our high-performance aptitude combined with generous proportions. Alpi Aviation engineers didn’t stop with performance, durability and elegance when they reinvent the Pioneer 300. A wider and taller cabin now offers generous shoulder and headroom, providing valuable space for its occupants and an easy access thanks to the front footboard.
Real novelties in the category are the electric adjustable seats and the sound proof interiors, 100% comfort for you and your passenger!
Interiors and paintscheme can be customized in a wide range of leather and colour combination. 

  • Italy (ULM) (1999)
  • BFU (Germany 2002)
  • France (2002)
  • Spain/Portugal (2002)
  • CS-VLA UK (2004)
  • Greece (2006)
  • South Africa (2006)
  • Rep. S. Marino (2005)
  • Italy (Advanced ULM) (2011)
  • LSA/ASTM Brazil/USA (in progress)